In Office Safety

While there have been many changes in our community during the current COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has always been safety.

We are still the same, fun-loving and skilled team.

We are here for you!

Here are a few changes you will see when you are here next:

  • Our air circulates 9 times per hour! This is 50% more than the industry standard in healthcare.
  • We are screening all patients with a health questionnaire within 24 hours of their appointments
  • All staff must also complete the wellness questionnaire each day
  • Patients rinse with an anti-microbial peroxide rinse prior to the appointment
  • Only the patient is allowed in the office unless it is necessary he/she be accompanied by a one adult
  • Patients are required to wear masks in our office when not being worked on
  • Patients will be provided sanitizer when entering the office
  • We are seeing fewer patients at any one time
  • Patient treatment is at least 6 feet apart from others
  • Reduction in the number of aerosol-generating appointments, timing of appointments will differ from the past being reserved for the end-of-the day
  • A non-toxic, hypochlorous acid ionizing cleaner is being used daily following any aerosol-generating procedures
  • Barriers are in place at the front desk and between dental chairs
  • Our tooth-brushing station is temporarily closed
  • Furniture is re-arranged to minimize the ability to congregate in any area
  • All children toys and magazines have been stored away
  • We are continuing to sterilize all instruments with our hospital-grade sterilizer
  • All clinical areas are disinfected after use
  • Common areas are disinfected hourly
  • Additional personal protective equipment (PPE) on our staff including at times faceshields, gowns, masks, and gloves. (We promise, our smiling faces are still under there!)

This changes are designed to protect you, our team, and our community. While there will certainly be adjustments, we hope that our patients all feel comfortable here. If you have questions, please let us know. We are so grateful for every one of our patients, and this time away has only served to make us even more thankful for each of you.