Prepare yourselves and learn the necessary steps to reduce earthquake risks. Everyone’s invited to attend the Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance Symposium: Prepare Your Business for Earthquakes on March 17, 2017 at ViaSat Founder’s Hall. Enjoy a delicious breakfast and listen to Pat Abbot to be better prepared during an earthquake and get back to business.

Are you concerned about the recent “earthquake swarms?” Grab the chance to learn more about how you can prepare yourself from future natural disasters. Join us to understand and reduce earthquake risks, and identify the necessary steps to be better prepared during an earthquake.

The event will be held at ViaSat, Founder’s Hall located at 6191 El Camino Real Carlsbad,     CA 92009 United States. Make sure to pre register before March 10th, to avail the free breakfast at $20. You can also pay $25 at the door directly, however breakfast will be excluded.
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